A Friend of Mine cuts and pastes with colour for KW Doggett

Published:  June 13, 2014
Lucy Waddington

Suzy Tuxen from Melbourne-based studio, A Friend of Mine, recently teamed up with the paper people at K.W. Doggett to create a series of website banners composed of cut paper for their updated online identity. After some meticulous slicing, dicing, cutting and pasting, the final result is entirely colourful and tactile – showcasing the most valued traits of fine paper.



Suzy explained to the team at K.W. Doggett that she loved working in the realm of the two-dimensional, “It’s great to get a break from the computer and work with our hands! We originally sketched the designs by hand, then designed them on the computer with colours roughly from the paper range. We had to plan it very carefully before actually making them – planning the designs in advance is always key when we work with paper!”

In terms of execution, an array of colours, shine, tonality and texture were included to keep the pieces stimulating — “we also had to work at a small scale to ensure that the textures of the papers could be seen and celebrated in the photography. This meant that we had to be quite precise with our details and careful with piecing the works together. We also wanted to achieve a bit of depth, so we often cut out duplicates of the shape, and chocked them up before glueing to gain a bit of height and shadow in the composition.”

Working with photographer, Sarah Anderson, allowed for precise lighting and optical adjustment that would capture the true texture of each slice. Suzy continues, “she worked with us to do three different exposures for each image so lights, mid tones and darks were correctly represented, with special lighting for metallic paper, so that the paper range could be captured as it looks in real life. We then combined the different exposures together in Photoshop to get just the right light for each paper.”

Renowned for her sensitive manipulation of colour and composition, Suzy explains that “we wanted to have a mix of colour palettes so each banner varies. We chose eclectic and unusual colour combinations for some banners and then for others we chose harmonious colour ways. Brights are often teamed with neutrals to achieve a balance. We also explored some more neutral palettes of neutral whites and creams and also a palette of dark hues. On the whole we were aiming for bold, strong and unusual – and the bright and contrasting colours really assisted by echoing the strong geometric feel.”

sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-4__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-8__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-9__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-7__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-2__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-3__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-6__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-10__large sarah_anderson_photography_kwdoggett_paper_banners-5__large Tuxen-1



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