Swipe to find your favourite stalls at the Finders Keepers markets

Published:  April 7, 2016

No more hide-and-seek. The Finders Keepers has now launched a new app that makes navigating its markets easy, with the help of Sydney-based tech group Beaconmaker. The app allows shoppers to find their favourite stalls and navigate the market with ease.

The app was first launched last December as a trial. “We received incredibly positive feedback from shoppers and stallholders alike, and at almost 1000 downloads already, we decided to include all four of our event cities in the new release of the app” said Angela D’Alton, communications manager.

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The easy-to-use app features a full directory of participating stall holders at each event in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, available as the line-up is published. Each stall holder’s profile includes images of their products and can be ‘favourited’, which adds the stall to a personal itinerary and interactive map.

Upon entering the venue, with Bluetooth enabled, helpful notifications are delivered regarding event features located nearby, such as the music stage, food trucks, and of course, the bar. The app also includes a schedule of the musical acts shoppers can expect to enjoy during the markets, plus there’s also a feature to explore the markets by stall category, like homewares for example.

“The app works with Bluetooth Low Energy technology and the beacons are scattered around the markets, in various sections. These beacons trigger push notifications or image or video content at your defined location within the market,” Beaconmaker’s Peter Chen explains to desktop.

The app is available for download, at no cost, on Google Play and the App Store.

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