SwooshArt: master paintings rebranded

Published:  November 25, 2013

Stripping the classics of their untouchable grace and sanctity, Milan-based art director Davide Bedoni’s ’SwooshArt’ favours recontextualisation and challenges conservative thought regarding classic art. A self-diagnosed ‘internet addict’, Bedoni shows his work exclusively on a dedicated Tumblr page – embodying the playfulness that characterises internet pop culture.


Throughout his 200 or so SwooshArt works, Bedoni alludes to the power of Nike’s swoosh and simultaneously defuses it. The iconic symbol is diminished through its recontextualisation, as the artist morphs the swoosh into a weapon, a shield, a garment or a moustache on Michelangelo’s David, giving it new purpose.

SwooshArt also highlights the potency of Nike’s iconic symbol. Often, Bedoni simply positions the logo in the background, rendering it powerful through its fixed passivity.

2men lamb

The tagline, ‘JUST DO IT.’, works like a mantra for the project, encapsulating the spontaneity and energy of Bedoni’s work. Through its use in the series, the artist gives the encouraging slogan new and sinister meanings. For instance, when ‘JUST DO IT.’ features beneath the murdered body of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, the optimistism of the slogan is replaced with macabre sarcasm.

orgy lightening lady

While the work appears to be a comment on consumerism, Bedoni writes, “I’ve never wanted to criticise consumerism… for me it’s just something aesthetic.” He also writes, “I would like to see things like SwooshArt as real advertising, especially for a fashion brand…” Bedoni works as a fashion film director for clients such as Furla, Gucci, Armani and Liu Jo.

Take a full look the SwooshArt archive on Tumblr.


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