Tasmania’s 2014 MOFO arts festival approaches

Published:  December 18, 2013

MOFO 2014 will once again see Australians briefly migrate to Hobart, Tasmania, for MONA’s bizarre, thrilling and greatly anticipated five-day music and culture festival. Running from 15 to 19 January, MOFO will be showcasing performances by Sun Ra Arkestra, Mick Harvey, The Julie Ruin, The Bombay Royale, Client Liaison and the Australian Art Orchestra, as well as all-night partying at Faux Mo (the festival’s nightclub) and events in a remote barn on the Eastern Sho.

“MOFO 2014,” writes Brian Ritchie, the festival curator, “brings a dancing robot, a band from outer space that has been touring this planet for over 50 years, a musico-architectural hive, forges and anvils, saxophone heroes, free-styling philosophers, metal, lasers, and more metal, gender warriors, improvised pipe organ, tympani meditation, string quartet protest music, bluegrass Bach, 21st century tango, unearthed recluses, prog-punk space opera, a barbecue tribute to Louis Armstrong, wind-operated drawing machines, symphonic cartoons, food, booze, tea, coffee, beanbags and punters… for starters!”

For more information visit MOFO 2014, or read the full festival program here.




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