Telstra’s Sushi Plane – get on it!

Published:  June 25, 2010
Telstra’s Sushi Plane – get on it!

Guy Munro of Autumn:01 headed down to Sydney’s Ivy Pool today to check out a new marketing campaign from Telstra.

We’ve all watched on in amazement and sometimes sheer terror as wacky Japanese game show contestants run around obstacle courses dodging slime and swinging boulders. They’ve graced our screens at home and online often, but this morning, this touch of hot wasabi madness hit Sydney at the Ivy Pool on George Street. It came in the form of a Human Dodge Wall.

Part of a new marketing campaign from Telstra which aimed at the youth market, Dodge Wall was set up to test Sydney-siders in a public event which will be held tomorrow. The contest will result in a lucky few securing spots on the Telstra Sushi Plane – departing for Tokyo early August.

In an effort to introduce live Japanese game show madness to Australian audiences and promote the fine art of Dodge Wall, Rome Kanda, a Samurai descendent and renowned TV host of ‘I Survived a Japanese Game Show’ was invited to Sydney to offer advice for participants on how to get their game-show-craziness on!

This guy was everything I expected in a man of his position. A real character with crazy hair and an entourage of Harajuku Girls, Roma says ‘Dodge Wall is not a walk in the park you need a determined spirit and unnerving focus to succeed. I’ve been told Aussies are some of the best competitors in the world, so I’m putting the challenge out there and looking forward to seeing if their skills are up to scratch’.

Anyone wanting to participant in the wackiness should get down to Ivy Pool on George Street tomorrow (26th June).

Contestants will be filmed with the latest mobile innovation, the HTC Desire, with their hits and misses being uploaded to the Dodge Wall Facebook page after the event in order to share the experience with friends.

To get involved, head down to the Telstra Dodge Wall Challenge, at Ivy Pool (330 George Street, Sydney) on Saturday 26 June 10am 4pm.

++Attendees must be over 18, participants over 20. It’s first in, first served!!

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  1. JR

    wish i was in sydney. Rome Kanda is crazy!

  2. DW

    that looks so fun, and funny!! I have a funny feeling I would suck at it, perhaps my lady lumps would get in the way…?

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