Terrible Twos Brisbane

Published:  August 27, 2012
Terrible Twos Brisbane

The Design Kids are now onto the Brisbane leg of Terrible Twos and are once again hosting a one night charity exhibition which is all about bridging the gap between emerging designers and established studios. The Brisbane event is part of Semi-Permanent Brisbane and will be held at Bleeding Heart on 29 August 2012.

As with the Sydney and Melbourne events, twenty of the best design studios in Brisbane have been paired up with an emerging designer. The studio will choose a compound word (two words that when separated mean one thing and when put together mean something else e.g. rainbow, endless). The studio then visually responds to one part of the word, and the emerging designer responds to the second part of the word, on an A1-sized material of their choice. The pieces displayed at the exhibition and then silent auctioned with the money going to a charity of the studio’s choosing.

We are pleased to announce that the following students / emerging designers have been chosen to participate in this project and have been working with the studios over the past three weeks:

The Arcade Creative: Herbey Wagner
Creative Plantation: Becki Kenworthy
Cutts Creative: Mark Zeidler
The Design Kids: Timmi Fresh
Design Montage: Hanna Mathilde
Early: Ken Smith
Finn Creative: Aaron Gillett
Jolt: Amy Sherington
Josephmark: Jasmine Holm
Lauren Carney: Sophie Blackhall-Cain
Left Right & Centre: Shaun Cruickshank
The Letter D: Lachie Brown
Neverland Studio: Thea Skelsey
Oblong: Daniel Pinci
Real: Stella Evans
Tinker Creative: Isabelle Stringfellow
This is Neu: Luke Day
TwoFold: Todd Doyle
White with One: Alice Moir
ZHC: Ashlea Gleeson

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