Terrible Twos – student line-up

Published:  May 11, 2012
Terrible Twos – student line-up

As you may have heard, The Design Kids, in partnership with desktop magazine, are hosting a one night charity exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery (QV, Melbourne) on 7 June 2012, which is all about bridging the gap between emerging designers and established studios.

Twenty of the best design studios in Melbourne have been paired up with an emerging designer and have each been given an A1 piece of wood, cut diagonally into two pieces. The studio will choose a compound word (two words that when separated mean one thing and when put together mean something else e.g. rainbow, endless) and will visually respond to one part of the word on their piece of wood, while the emerging designer will respond to the second part of the word on their piece of wood. The pieces are then joined, displayed at the exhibition and then silent auctioned with the money going to a charity of the studio’s choosing.

We are pleased to announce that the following students / emerging designers have been chosen to participate in this project and will be working with the studios over the next three weeks:

3 Deep: Corinne Theodore
A Friend of Mine: Alice Oehr
Alter: Claire Bradbury
Chase & Galley: Rosie Ren
Coöp: Fred Mora
Design by Pidgeon: Will Mckenzie
Fabio Ongarato Design: Denny Louis
Hofstede Design: Scott Ward
The Hungry Workshop: Natalie Ng
Motherbird: Kasia Kurek
Paper Stone Scissors: Madeline Dusek
Positive Posters: Aileen Lord
Seesaw: Sarah Halliday
Something Splendid: Brittany Jones
SouthSouthWest: Jack Fowler
Studio Binocular: Samantha Curcio
StudioBrave: Patrick Carroll
Studio Round: Natasha Theoharous
Swear Words: Rachel Wilson
Work Art Life by Studio Pip and Co.: Merren Spink

Look out for more details about the exhibition (to be announced very soon), but remember to keep the 7th June, from 6pm at No Vacancy Gallery, in your diary. Everyone is welcome!

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  1. Ray

    When the hell was positive poster considered a studio? And not a conceited and pointless designer project

  2. Anne

    I think Positive Posters is awesome. Sounds like Ray could do with a bit of positivity himself.


    Positive Posters rules, shush Ray.

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