The collected drawings of Memphis designer Nathalie Du Pasquier

Published:  March 12, 2015

The unpublished drawings of Nathalie Du Pasquier have been assembled in Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously — a definitive compilation of  30+ years of the influential Memphis designer’s personal work. Published by powerHouse Books, the volume is designed and edited in collaboration with Apartamento co-founder, Omar Sosa.



Over her career, Du Pasquier created an entire aesthetic of patterns, paintings and “illustrated surfaces”. From shaping the worldwide reputation of Memphis’s work across fashion, art, textiles and architecture in the 80s, to collaborating in 2014 on a range with American Apparel, her iconic bold, colourful, angular work has never gone out of style.

The selection of works featured in the book, pulled from the drawers of Du Pasquier’s studio, are arranged from the smallest objects, like watches and jewellery, to larger objects, like buildings.

“This collection of lost and found drawings will not follow a chronological order. We decided to go from small things to bigger ones. From things on the body to things outside the body,” writes Du Pasquier.



Each chapter is prefaced with a little slice of narrative by the artist. She writes:

“In 1980 or 1981 the first Sony Walkman arrived from Japan. At that time they were only for the American girls who were magically appearing twice a year in Milan for the fashion shows. Beautiful, tall girls walking to the rhythm of music that we could not hear. It was incredible, and the idea of being isolated from the crowd was very cool indeed.”

Very cool indeed.


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