The Design Files calendar launch

Published:  November 15, 2011

What do Kat Macleod’s cupboard, Beci Orpin’s pinboard and Dawn Tan’s craft kit have in common? They all resemble creative clutter and are featured in The Design Files latest illustrated calendar, a collaboration with The Jacky Winter Group (and published through Lamington Drive editions).

Following on from 2011’s calendar, in which selected artists were briefed to illustrate their favourite neighbourhood, 2012 focuses on home and studio environments… a.k.a collective clutter. Each page provides a little peek into 12 spaces belonging to 12 Australian illustrators including: Beci Orpin, Dawn Tan, James Gulliver Hancock, Jane Reiseger, Christopher Nielsen, Kat Chadwick, Kat Macleod, Lachlan Conn, Madeleine Stamer, Marcela Restrepo, Marc Martin and Rik Lee.

The calendar is printed on 250 gsm matte art board with a powder-coated yellow wire binding and is available for pre-order here, or you can pick up a copy at the launch and exhibition next week – 6pm, 24 November at Lamington Drive. There’ll also be a few limited edition prints of each calendar illustration available, and a few will litter the walls of The Design Files Open House in early December.

The Design Files Collective Clutter Calendar

Beci Orpin

Kat Chadwick

Christopher Nielsen

Kat Macleod

All images courtesy The Design Files.

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