The Design Kids reach the Terrible Twos

Published:  November 28, 2011

The Design Kids are turning two and to celebrate are holding an exhibition with a twist – ‘Terrible Two’s’.

The Kids have been supporting emerging talent since summer 2010 and have called upon an impressive line-up of established Sydney-based creatives to be included in the exhibition. It’s themed around the number two and involves compound words… the Kids explain it best: “Celebrating the number two, we’re taking compound words – words that when separated mean one thing and when put together mean something else. The two designers (one emerging, one established) will be given one half of a compound word each to respond to – such as ‘end’ and ‘less’. The works will be typographical, three dimensional, obvious, abstract… whatever.”The evening will include a silent auction for the artworks, with all of the money going to charity.

The line-up includes Toko, Vince Frost, Maud, Mark Gowing, Gemma O’Brian, Benjamin Hennessy, Monogram, Naughtyfish, Maud, Toben, Bianca Chang, Saatchi, Eskimo and Toby + Pete.

Terrible Two’s will be held on 14 December, 7pm – 10pm, at The World Bar, Kings Cross.

For more information, head to The Design Kids website.


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  1. Graham

    Great idea, but come on kids, as designers you should know that there’s no apostrophe in TWO’s!

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