The exhibition that got visitors to glean from the graduates

Published:  February 4, 2015

“Drawing on experience and insight, a designer or writer decides on the content and the order of each page of a publication, working to create a finished piece. But this publication is not yet finished.” Lead by Dario Gracceva, the MA Graphic Design Show for 2014 at London College of Communication encouraged visitors to pick pieces of content from the walls and form their own scavenged publication.

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“To create your publication, you must explore, taking poster fragments that catch your eye. Complete the publication with project sheets in the back of this space which show pieces of graduates’ research and links to more holistic views of their major projects. Create your own associations. Choose your own order for the pages. Bind your publication. Unbind it. Have your own experience.” Aptly named, the exhibition was called A Parallel Publication.

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Just like the research that graduates on show undertook to complete their MA degree in Graphic Design, visitors will piece together visual fragments from across the fields of design, science and technology, architecture, journalism, literature, and photography. Using the same research methods that informed the projects in the course, every participant will assemble their own work that is tied directly to actions and experiences within the exhibition space. To be driven by distinct personal interests, every publication was set to take a multitude of forms.

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