The Grill’d Collective

Published:  November 3, 2010
The Grill’d Collective

Next time you’re hungry, why not make it a bit of a cultural experience?

Grill’d in Sydney commissioned several artists to decorate its new Sydney outlets. Each artist was given a series of provocative statements to illustrate, with the brief that their drawings had to stimulate thought and inspire conversation. Artists included Chris Wahl, Magic Sweater, Jumbo and James Jirat Patradoon.

Chris Wahl is an award-winning illustrator, caricaturist and commercial artist who was responsible for decorating Grill’d Harbourside. His ‘Hand Made’ illustration features a healthy, hand-made burger rising out of the rubble of mass-produced, artificial products.

On his inspiration for the piece, Wahl said “In this day and age almost everything is plastic, over-processed and made by machines on factory floors. But at the end of the day, the quality, handmade products will always find a way to rise above… the natural overcoming the artificial. The hand-made overcoming the mass-produced.”

Melbourne-based illustrator, Magic Sweater took his inspiration from old Mad magazines, a psychology text book and the musical stylings of Grandmaster B. ‘Say No To Bad Things’ is on display at the Crown Street Grill’d.

Work from various artists at Grill’d Crown St

Work from various artists at Grill’d Crown St

Grill’d founder Simon Crowe said of The Grill’d Collective, “We love the idea of turning the restaurant into an evolving canvas for young Australian artists to showcase their talents while also creating a fresh, bright space for our customers to hang out and enjoy their favourite Grill’d burger. From the very beginning we’ve featured illustrations on our restaurant walls – this project takes it to the next level.”

The illustrations are on display at the new Grill’d restaurants on Crown St and Victoria St in Darlinghurst and at Grill’d Harbourside.

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