The Guardian releases new supplement magazine

Published:  January 14, 2014
The Guardian releases new supplement magazine

In the face of print information (especially newspapers) going digital, The Guardian has released its new print supplement magazine, Do Something. Art director Chris Clarke has worked with illustrators Gatley, Yann Le Bec and Hattie Newman and designer Owen Gildersleeve to realise a launch issue full of sober colour, playful type and expertly sectioned editorial that sits within the expected realm of ‘newspaper supplement’ yet delights and engages with a bit of subtle moxie. It’s ‘do something’ content is promoted in the BBH commercial, released at its launch, Shed’s On Fire.

The Guardian was one of the first newspapers to recreate itself online, and with huge success, its thoughtful layouts and readability (and pre-existing reputation) mean it is one of the most viewed websites in the world. With the launch of Do Something, however, one could surmise that the ‘battle’ between print and web is settling into something more of a shared environment, or Entente.

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