The Memory Muster

Published:  November 22, 2012
The Memory Muster

The Memory Muster is an environmental project aimed at recycling old mobile phones, but also recycling ‘photographic memories’.

The project is initiated by MobileMuster (a non-for-profit mobile phone recycling initiative) and invites Australian photographers/creatives to recycle their old phones, but also upload ‘old’ memories to the Memory Muster website as part of a photography competition.

Daniel Boud (Boudist) and Cybele Malinowski (Blue Murder Studios) are on board to curate the photos and select their top five in each of the three categories (Nature and Beauty; Family and Friends; Love and Life). While three official ambassadors will select the winning image in each category: Laura Enever (Nature and Beauty); Gyton Grantle (Family and Friends); Lisa Mitchell (Love and Life). All winners and finalists will be showcased at the official exhibition to be held in Sydney during January 2013.

Entry conditions are as follows:

Entries close 31 December. The aim is to reduce the number of phones heading to the landfill. It’s estimated that there are 22 million phones lying around in Australian homes and businesses.

Two of the entries from The Memory Muster website:

Brand roadkill by Simon Cheatham

Bubble by Harriet Upjohn


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