The Queen just signed up to Facebook

Published:  November 11, 2010
The Queen just signed up to Facebook

As if your own mother opening up a Facebook account wasn’t weird enough, the Queen of England has just gone and done the same thing. Unfortunately Her Majesty doesn’t list her relationship status or political views, but there are plenty of thoughtfully chosen pictures.

Okay, so the Facebook page is for the whole of the British Monarchy, but don’t pretend like it wouldn’t have excited you to know what the Queen was up to. Right now.

The page hasn’t even been open for a week and already there’s nearly 200,000 fans (and counting). Simply press the “like” button and you’ll be privy to an array of updates from the Monarchy ranging from diary entries to the Queen’s notorious YouTube videos posted on the page.

Wall posts have been switched off, but you can comment on any of the updates. However, censorship isn’t out of the question with a message on the front page reading: “Please note that any offensive comments will be deleted.” Imagine having that job.

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