The Twitchery by Jacky Winter

Published:  April 3, 2012
The Twitchery by Jacky Winter

We’re weren’t sure if The Jacky Winter Group could get any bigger, but it just has, with the creation of its photographic arm, The Twitchery.

The Twitchery joins the collection of Jacky Winter ‘departments’: The Hatch (emerging illustrator’s incubator), The Bowery (storyboard artists, visualisers), Rock of Eye (international artist booking), Lamington Drive (the gallery) and the newly launched Flutter (motion graphics). According to The Jacky Winter team, The Twitchery has been a long time in the making. “Over the past five years, we have noticed the lines between image makers and image capturers growing increasingly thin, and The Twitchery is our response to this. The Twitchery will do for photography what Jacky Winter did for illustrators, storyboard artists and animators.”

The Twitchery will represent a range of fine photographers, 3D artists and retouchers and already has a few top names on its books – Sean Fennessy, Scottie Cameron, Jono Chambers, Ben King, Jo Duck and more.

Check out The Twitchery here.

The Jacky Winter family

Image taken from Jacky Winter’s Facebook page.

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