The biggest user-generated PAC-MAN

Published:  April 13, 2011
The biggest user-generated PAC-MAN

Microsoft and NAMCO BANDAI have teamed up to create the world’s biggest user-generated PAC-MAN. The project was developed in Australia in collaboration with Soap Creative.

The original PAC-MAN had 240 pac-dots, four power pellets and 255 mazes, while in the new format, PAC-MAN players can submit their own mazes or use those submitted by other users.

“PAC-MAN has iconic status in the video gaming community and continues to be one of the most famous arcade franchises of all time,” said Michael Kordahi, developer evangelist at Microsoft Australia. “Through Internet Explorer 9 we’re taking PAC-MAN to the next level – literally!”

Play PAC-MAN at the following link:

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  1. I have been playing this all afternoon :)

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