The year’s logo redesign round up

Published:  November 4, 2015

We’re still talking about Google’s now-not-so-new logo and some of us are still contemplating if we like it or not. Many of our readers didn’t like it, while others were okay with it. But Google was not the only company who revamped its logo this year.

BusinessInsider listed 20 companies which have had some significant brand overhauls this year.




These include music streaming service, Spotify, which changed the shade of green on its logo and added alternative colour schemes to its branding. And then there’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, whose rebranding was done by GrandArmy, and bid homage to the original brand designs.


kentucky-fried-chicken-has-played-a-lot-with-how-it-wants-to-present-itself-over-the-past-decade-and-this-year-they-decided-to-nostalgically-return-to-the-brands-roots-and-use-a-stripped-down-logo-from-grand-armyFacebook decided it wanted an update rather than a redo of its logo and turned to designer Eric Olson, creator of the old logo’s font, to design a font the company could call it own.


Studio Tilt inversed the “Restaurant” bar in IHOP’s logo to create a smiley face that adds a burst of cheer without detracting from recognizability of the popular restaurant chain.


See here for the full list.
Images courtesy of Business Insider.



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