Published:  January 29, 2013

Earlier this month, Melbourne-based design studio, Studio Verse, rebranded as ThoughtAssembly (and launched a new website). The site was developed by Zann St Pierre and showcases a range of new design work from clients including Rockaway Creative, Module, Häfele and Archi Channel.

It’s always interesting to discuss motivation for change, so we caught up with owner/creative director of ThoughtAssembly, Nicholas Cary.

Can you give us a little background into the decision behind rebranding from Studio Verse to ThoughtAssembly?
Practicing as Studio Verse for the past three years, I learnt a lot – not just about running my own studio but also about my own design work and where I feel I fit into the scheme of things. However, after a year or two, I knew that ‘Studio Verse’ just wasn’t right and to be uncomfortable in a studio name is like wearing an ill-fitting suit. Not wanting to rush into an identity for the second time, I spent the next six to eight months slowly coming up with the right name and thus ThoughtAssembly was born.

Thumbnail, above and below: Identity, packaging and collateral for Module (a new entry-level offer in the DIY storage solutions category)

Can you please talk us through the rebrand – brief, concept, intention, who/what was involved…
The brief was quite simple; I wanted a name that was quite literal, reflecting what the studio does, but also having a twist of some sort to it – it couldn’t simply be ‘Create’ for example. After going through many similar combinations, the merging of ‘Thought’ and ‘Assembly’ stood out and worked on a couple of levels in my mind (which I won’t go into at risk of sounding pretentious). After I settled on the name, the rest was easy… Well actually, the development of the website wasn’t easy. Having a typographic identity set in Lettera-Txt as one word fell into place very quickly and easily created an extended identity for presentations/invoices/estimates etc.

In terms of the website, the aim was to make something born from function but which broke conventions. Too many studio sites have the same look, feel, navigation, etc. So the challenge was to do something different whilst still maintaining functionality and not focusing so much on aesthetics. After all, the site is for clients, not designers. Luckily my web-developer, Zann St Pierre, was passionate about the project and his skills not only brought the website to life but also took it further than imagined. Now it just has to be populated with old and new work…

Above and below: identity rebrand for online architecture platform, Archi Channel

What’s on for 2013 for ThoughtAssembly?
Onwards and upwards I hope! We are currently working on a rebrand for a cookware company, an exhibition for a photographer as well as ongoing work with Masters Home Improvement and other clients. Edition Eight of Process Journal was just sent off to press and we also have a few other projects in the works that we are very excited about – working in areas we haven’t really explored before and which are very unexpected. Though, the details of these projects we’d prefer to keep secret so you’ll just have to wait and see! Oh, and hopefully the new ThoughtAssembly business cards might even be sent to print soon.

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  1. Mark Morrissey

    Great article. I was a past client of Studio Verse (very satisfied I might add) and looking forward to working with the team again in the near future. Big fan of the new website too!

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