Three promising students win nods in Penguin’s 2016 Design Award

Published:  July 4, 2016

The winners of Penguin Random House’s Design Award 2016 have been revealed, with students from the UK and US winning recognition for their book cover designs as well as work placement with the publishing giant.

“Designing great book covers is not easy,” a spokesperson from Penguin RandomHouse UK says. “Each of our shortlisted entrants met the challenge admirably, showing exceptional creativity and strong design skills, with cover designs that would stand out from others on the shelf, while appealing to the book’s target market.

“Congratulations to all our shortlisted entrants and particularly to our winners, who we look forward to welcoming to Penguin Random House for their work placements.”

Here’s the winning work in the three categories.

Adult Fiction: Zack Crook, University of Central Lancashire

zcrook_cover_full 580w

Joanna Prior, managing director, Penguin General Books, comments: ”We loved how this brought Burgess’s remarkable language on to the front of the cover. It’s a clever, intellectual solution and that seems right for this book. Also a fantastic piece of design.”


Adult Non-Fiction: Zachary Wieland, University of Texas

Zachary Wieland

Caitlin Moran, author of the work, said: ”Simple, iconic, and so goddamn classy that, for one minute, I actually presumed it was a cover for a US edition I hadn’t seen. A deserving winner for its confidence, simplicity, and effectual reminder of how incredibly pleasing a pink highlighter pen is. Everyone loves a pink highlighter pen, AM I RIGHT?”


Children’s: Ailsa Johnson, University of Edinburgh

Ailsa Johnson

Francesca Dow, managing director, Penguin Random House UK Children’s Books, said: ”What fantastic storytelling in the design! I loved this cover, really accomplished composition, humorous touches and attention to detail. Definitely our winner!”



Images: Penguin RandomHouse UK

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