Toko’s 4,716 page book

Published:  February 8, 2012
Toko’s 4,716 page book

It’s the longest book that Digitalpress has ever printed and probably one of the largest projects that Toko has ever worked on. At 4,716 pages, and aptly titled Long Story Made in China, it sure is a mammoth project.

It all came about when Sydney-based studio, Toko, was invited by the China International Design Competition Committee to judge its first ever design competition last September in Beijing (as part of China’s Year of the Dragon festivities). Besides being members of the international judging panel, Toko was asked to create an original design for the world-class ‘Chinese Dragon Exhibition’.

Once the duo started research on the project they realised that creating an original Dragon piece would be a daunting task. The Chinese Zodiac, an integral part of Chinese culture and society, both young and old, takes on mythical proportions, furthermore complicated by the accessibility of traditional and contemporary Dragon examples.

They decided to present the sheer scale, complexity and history of the Chinese Dragon in a book – a monumental but foremost conceptual interpretation of the Dragon. The publication celebrates every Dragon year since its supposed origins in 2697 BCE, based on the most widely ‘tolerated’ myth. The result is a 4,716 book, Long Story Made in China. ‘Long’ as in the rich culture, cultivated over thousands of years, and ‘Long’ as in the Chinese word for Dragon (Long story / Dragon story). The book (edition 5) should be seen as a paper sculpture and is a tribute to Chinese culture by western interpretation.

3 Responses

  1. V

    Such a pity they didn’t take the form of a dragon and factor that into the publication. It is after all, just a very big fat book, and the cover typography isn’t marvellous by any stretch of imagination.

  2. MichaeL

    V ery smart!
    Can’t believe we did not think of that…

  3. Steve

    Who do you think you are? Irma Boom?? :p

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