Toko design the ‘Bloke’ chair for charity

Published:  November 17, 2014

Sydney interdisciplinary design studio Toko have taken part in The Chairity Project — an initiative by furniture design houses Cult and Carl Hansen & Son — and designed a special kind of chair for the macho sitting characteristics of the Aussie male.

The initiative invited 14 Australian and New Zealand creative talents to reinterpret the work of Hans J. Wegner’s ‘CH 33’ chair, bringing together charity, creativity and the iconic attributes of Danish design.

With their chair, Toko took a step back, investigating Danish design from an ‘Aussie’ perspective, and reproduced a CH 33 that can be utilised when sat on backwards — inventing a chair that had all the clean curves of the classic, but the comfort when sat on ‘incorrectly’, and even added a surface for meals.

“We imagined a future where Hans J. Wegner’s CH33 chair remains iconic, but where density living and being single is the new norm. CH33 Bloke: the perfect chair for the single bloke,” explained the studio.

Eva Dijkstra and Michael Lugmayr, of Toko, worked with Nick James Burns and Wayne Mavin on the construction of the natural beech chair, Mister.Mister for the leatherwork and Woo Ceramics on the crockery, to complete the look.

The other designers include Dinosaur Designs, Bassike, Ken Done and Romance Was Born. The completed chairs are currently being exhibited in the Cult Sydney showroom and auctioned online. Toko are also offering a second chair to the winner of their auction if the final amount bid is more than the other chairs. “Call it bribery, or what ever you want, but we only care about the funds raised.”

Bidding ends on the 19th November.

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