Toko gets Sydney riding with new cycling festival campaign

Published:  October 23, 2014

Since they “poked and provoked” Sydney with their Art & About poster series and blessed our readers with a stunning new cover, we’ve learnt that Toko aren’t shy when it comes to colour and are willing to curate their hometown. In an effort to get the city moving, Toko worked with City of Sydney to orchestrate the latest Sydney Rides Festival campaign. We spoke to the studio about the project, below:

To energise and inspire their audience, “the bold and colourful campaign revolves around the immediately recognisable bicycle icon” which mimics the rhythm of a positive journey, both literally and figuratively. The studio approached this brief like most others, with a need to be open-minded yet critical. The outline was succinct, “create a new identity for Sydney Rides Festival, attract exciting riders and a new audience whilst promoting Sydney as a bike city” with Toko adding their own expectations — “don’t use retro vernacular, ensure visibility in a commercial environment and create a positive image.”


In line with their usual style, the execution was largely vector-based with a refined sensitivity for motion produced by line and shape. Earlier concepts saw experimentation with other techniques, processes and media, but didn’t make the final cut this time round.

The studio didn’t find the project to be particularly difficult or frustrating, rather the most challenging aspect was “finding a format that [was] unexpected, unique in its context, flexible and with durability, [which] is by definition, a difficult task.” In regard to working with City of Sydney as a client, they explain that their support and enthusiasm made doing the job “a real pleasure.” The studio added, “[we] think that CoS is doing a really fantastic job in appreciating the potentials of design, unlike many cultural institutions in Sydney who appear to have lost all interest in creative expression.”


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  1. Tasha

    So this studio is the wonder behind those posters! Great work! :D

  2. Michael

    Thank you Tasha!

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