Toko creates artful hoarding for Sydney

Published:  December 2, 2014

As any urban dweller would know, the typical sight of ‘hoarding’ — thin boards used to screen street-side building sites from the public — are usually covered in developer branding, gig posters and odd bits of graffiti. But under the city-wide initiative of ‘Creative City’ Sydney, the east coast city has recently developed a new hoardings policy – to instead consider the space as an artistic opportunity.

The City invited local studio Toko to develop a hoarding installation, which has just been put in place around the construction site at Sydney’s Town Hall.

“It’s an opportunity to re-purpose and reinterpret these hoarding spaces as public artworks, enhancing the public domain and making a meaningful contribution to ‘Creative City’ Sydney,” explains Toko’s Michael Lugmayr.

The intricate line work appears to shift in colour and brightness, depending on your distance from the hoarding, and adds a multi-dimensional sensation to such a typically flat, uninteresting surface.

“The “electric” visual is easy adaptable and can take on many variations based on a simple but effective grid,” Michael adds.

It would be interesting to see how the initiative develops, and whether other cities see a potential to improve their public spaces during long months or years of dusty construction.

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