Twitter introduces ‘Earlybird’ advertising feature

Published:  July 9, 2010
Twitter introduces ‘Earlybird’ advertising feature

Twitter has launched an advertising feature that will kick-start a revenue building model for this social media platform. The time-sensitive deals available via @Earlybird will see Twitter partner with select advertisers to offer users exclusive deals on products and events. Crafted to target the Twitter community, the advertisers will determine the terms of offer, including availability, amount and price.

Twitter has stated that they will earn revenue from this feature through their relationships with advertisers but have stressed that they will be selective about the type of deals they will highlight in an effort to “try and make these deals interesting and of value to you.”

To date the @Earlybird account boasts just shy of 24,000 followers. Twitter users can receive notification of the offers if they follow the account and can also spread the word by retweeting deals. Twitter claims that surfacing deals through the @Earlybird account will help users to discover the best of these deals, as well as find and follow accounts that consistently provide exceptional value.

Initially, many of the advertising partners will be large, international brands or focused on the U.S. market but expect that deals will reach a more global audience as the trend expands.

See more details via the official Twitter site here.

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