Universal Everything whip up a storm in I’ll be Strong music video

Published:  June 2, 2014
Lucy Waddington

Universal Everything have recently completed a motion project for Jeffrey Brodsky’s EP “I’ll be Strong”. Like an eruption of digital confetti, pixels strike the screen like rain strikes a windshield, visualising “motivation, struggling and surviving”, with wild animals pushing and battling against speeding debris of light and colour.

A distant volcano convulses as it emits the hook of the music track, bombarding the oncoming animals with a “relentless storm of pop-digital weather”. Made using procedural 3D software, Houdini, Universal Everything have tried to emulate the physics of a hurricane. Founder of the studio, Matt Pyke, notes that he regularly visited the “windswept moors” of the Peak District National Park in Northern England for inspiration.

It is through this collision of opposing forces that the thunderous forms of the animals are revealed, otherwise invisible, pushing forwards with tenacity. The rhythm and vocal samples are accentuated by the stripped down visuals, to basic waves of neon wind and the occasional glimpse of a beady red eye.

The UK based studio are well recognised for their experimental, experiential work, like recent collaboration on Radiohead’s PolyFauna app and their celebrated Microsoft’s Infinity Room. Universal Everything explain that their “process is led by an experimental approach to materials,” which allows them to paint and sculpt with new technologies and formats, including 3D printing, touch screens, motion capture and large format video displays. “Sound is intrinsic to our work,” they explain, “stimulating visual reactions and amplifying emotions.”


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