Up Over Down Under™

Published:  April 9, 2013
Heath Killen
Up Over Down Under™

Ian Anderson founder of iconic design studio The Designers Republic™ is coming to Australia next month to open the retrospective exhibition Ian Anderson / The Designers Republic™ — Up Over Down Under™ and launch a series of exclusive satellite events including Design Thinking™ workshops and a special music and art event called Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™. The exhibition will be held at the No Vacancy Gallery (QV Building) in the Melbourne CBD, and is a major showcase of the iconic design work of The Designers Republic™ (tDR™). Launched on the 2nd and continuing between the 2nd–26th of May, expect an array of large-scale work and installation which blitzes you with provocative imagery punctuated by manipulated, abstracted and questioning texts.

Over the past 25 years tDR™ has had a significant global impact on visual culture. They have extended beyond the realms of graphic design to define the visual language of dance music, electronica and the Sony PlayStation gaming generation, attracting legions of fans and influencing an entire generation of creatives worldwide.

“We're more interested in ‘what if’ than ‘what is’. Good isn’t good enough” — Ian Anderson

In addition to the Up Over Down Under™ Exhibition a series of Design Thinking™ workshops will be held in Melbourne and Sydney. The workshops have been specifically designed to challenge the Student and Professional alike to explore creative briefs including Impossible Branding and Narrative in Design.

Ian Anderson will also be sharing his insights and experiences to delegates from all over the globe at agIdeas 2013, one of the largest and most prestigious design festivals in the world. Over 3 days, 40 internationally acclaimed designers converge on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to present an extraordinary program of events that promote the value of design driven innovation. To wrap up the Melbourne leg of Up Over Down Under™, audiences will have the unique opportunity to witness the Pho-Ku Polluted Rockers™ on the decks at Atoms Vectors Pixels Ghosts™ – an audio-visual event which takes tDR™ out of the design realm and celebrates tDR™related electronica which touched an entire generation of creatives and music lovers.

Head on over to the freshly launched event website for Up Over Down Under™, where you can find more information about the events, see more of the work that will be on display, download digital goods, and link up with the event’s social networks.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Desktop (#292 — Who Are You?) where you’ll find an interview with Ian about identity, as well as a special feature that sees 9 of Australia’s top designers and illustrators remixing the iconic tDR™ “Angryman” logo.

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