Visual Editions’ Quixotic Aspirations

Published:  September 24, 2013
Visual Editions’ Quixotic Aspirations

Visual Editions make books that are unlike any other books. They have a cover, they are bound, and that’s about where the usual rules end. As a follow-up from their popular release Tristram Shandy, which saw them challenge text and traditional layouts in the original postmodern story (that was written before modernism), they are taking on another classic. Through Kickstarter, they are asking for your help to give Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote a new adventure.

“A fantastically talented young photographer, Jacob Robinson, is decamping to La Mancha for two weeks to capture the spirit of Don Quixote,” the Kickstarter page explains.  Funds support Robinson’s trip, packed into a campervan, across Spain. “Briefed by award winning designer Fraser Muggeridge, Jacob is bringing back hundreds of photographs in order to make a final selection to be published in the book.”

Crowdfunding art projects may seem like a creative gamble, but Visual Editions’ credentials are upfront. As well as a cute collage Kickstarter video, they stand among the few who not only independently design and publish best-selling books, but possess a rarity in their approach towards the design of these books – cut up pages, folded with skewed paragraphs and overprinted texts. Instead of distracting the reader, they have thoughtfully challenged the staid notions of what reading should be, creating something new — a significant feat that is acknowledged as unique in this digital world.

Visual Editions in La Mancha. Video still.

Visual Editions in La Manch. Video still.


“The photographs will bring another entry point to the classic narrative, whilst also lifting out new interpretations: both romantic and realistic. And we just know they’re going to be beautiful.”

Check out the campaign here.


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