We Heart Paper project and exhibition

Published:  March 7, 2011
We Heart Paper project and exhibition

Design staff and students of the Queensland College of Art recently got together to create a unique exhibition of work that expressed their love of paper. Ten female designer/artists made illustrations, typography, 3D works and sculptures out of paper, most of it supplied by KW Doggett, who came on board with the idea when approached by one of the designers involved.

The exhibition was held in the White Box Gallery on the Gold Coast and was so successful that the girls plan to make it a yearly event.

The ten exhibiting designer/artists were: Ashleigh Brennan, Dominique Falla, Hannah Groff, Katelyn Hankinson, Megan Harrison, Denica Layton, Porsha Marais, Racheal McCosh, Kate O’Malley and Joelle Peters.

You can find out more about the project here: www.weheartpaper.com.au.

Photography: Camille Santiago

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