Website launch from new Sydney studio, M35

Published:  June 4, 2014
Lucy Waddington

Today, the very new, and very young design studio M35 launched their inaugural website, displaying a body of work that spans advertising, packaging and retail, to environmental graphics and wayfinding. At only one year old, most of the professional life of creative director Jamie Mitchell was spent in London and Amsterdam. Having worked with a handful of major musicians and global brands, M35 was, for Mitchell, an opportunity to return to Sydney and foster a more home-grown approach.

He explains that 10 years overseas didn’t disconnect him from the industry in Australia, but instead, bound him closer to it. “Most of the people I was meeting in London were from Australia,” he told us. “Many of these people started small businesses and became clients when I moved back.”

M35′s portfolio favours design that responds to its culture and environment while also being as functional as it is attractive. This includes the annual redesign for Semi-Permanent, with the studio an integral part as the Semi-Permanent brand “changed direction” preceding this years event at Carriageworks. Incorporating a timeline graphic, the extensive and impressive list of speakers were spotlighted to actively emphasise the heritage and history of the event, while working within the theme of evolution. This graphic language formed the basis of all collateral, being used for chronological documentation as well as abstract measurement.

M35′s work with Pool Collective brought about a new challenge entirely, one that “required clarity and a flexible identity”.  With the choice, as Mitchell explains, to either be “more subtle, or more overt”, the re-imagined wordmark was reduced to a concise linear logo.

Interested in experiential engagement with consumers, M35′s identity for Icebergs was created as a responsive element to both the viewer and its own context. Influenced by Bondi’s tideline, the invitations, menus, business cards and posters were submerged by a dynamic and varying tide – a theme which continued online, as the virtual tide would fluctuate according to real tidal patterns.

It was a busy first year for the studio, and Mitchell is prepared for more. “It’s scary starting out, obviously, and we were lucky last year, with great clients and projects,” he told us. “You hope for continued growth, and the website launch will hopefully attract more clients of a similar calibre.”

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