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Published:  January 21, 2015

Last year we asked the experts what it takes to design an outstanding cover, now we want to know which magazine cover — from any year, any era, any country — has become lodged in your memory and why. What is it that you find to be so visually appealing? Is it the layout? The subject? The story? Or a combination of all three? Our editorial team got together to share their most memorable mag covers, below:


The Common, Issue 06

“I saw this Massachusetts-based A5 lit journal at a bookstore in New York somewhere. I’d never heard of the publication and the cover didn’t really give anything away, but I was totally intrigued, and also I love table tennis. I was struck by the strange still life and the brave colours, and when I picked it up I discovered a handsome gatefold and some really top quality stories, essays, and poetry with a preoccupation to find the extraordinary in the common.”

— Katia Pase, Editor at desktop

Justus Magazine, Issue 03: Enveloped in Varnish

“The cover of this issue really stood out to me because of its metallic (slightly holographic) finish and fine line work.”

— Monique Blair, Junior in Graphic Design and PrePress at desktop


i-D Magazine, Spring 2012

“Dubbed the ‘King of Fashion’ in i-D Magazine’s Royalty Issue, Karl Lagerfeld art-directed and shot his own portrait for the cover. Pristine and rigid as ever, his ‘i-D wink’ is even clinically styled — a monochrome sculpture of a man spear-headed into a colourful industry.”

— Lucy Waddington, Online Editor and Editorial Assistant at desktop

NewPhilosopher, Issue #2: Mind

“I think all the NewPhilosopher covers are strong visual statements, effortlessly conveying depths of meaning and complex thought through simple two-dimensional graphic elements. Issues 2 and 4 demonstrate this particularly well.”

— Sandra Tan, Online Editor at Australian Design Review


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