Williams Murray Hamm’s ‘pretty’ campaign against sex trafficking

Published:  April 7, 2014

Branding and communications consultancy Williams Murray Hamm (WMH) has produced a new identity and campaign for London-based charity Ella’s Home.

The charity works to provide care for trafficked women in London by offering them safe living facilities, skills training and job opportunities through small businesses. It is named after a real woman who, after escaping her traffickers, was unable to find help or support in London.

The logo — a key to a home — has been released with a new awareness campaign that resonates with the core purpose of the organisation – that these trafficked women are somebody’s daughter, and a safe place to live and seek refuge must be provided. WMH aimed to create posters that were unlike the stereotypical ‘depressing’ approach used by many charities, instead producing pastel-pretty posters that were pleasantly eye-catching, but conveyed poignant messages.

“We wrote copy that takes that [parent-child] close relationship and puts a sting in the tail – ‘She was always our little cupcake, now she is sold like one.’” explained WMH.

The illustrations are by Rachel Price and the art direction by Garrick Hamm and Guy Lambert.


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