Win a trip to MONA with ImageBrief

Published:  November 22, 2011
Lisa Marie Corso
Win a trip to MONA with ImageBrief

MONA has been appropriately described by its founder as “a subversive Disneyland for adults,” so you just know it’s going to be the happiest place on earth, well at least in the Southern Hemisphere this summer. And ImageBrief is giving you the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to MONA, including return flights, a night at the Henry Hones Art Hotel, dinner and breakfast. All you have to do is sign up to its website.

Are you sick of trolling Google Images looking for that perfect, seemingly non-existent image, that you know is out there somewhere, but you don’t have the resources or patience to find? (On a similar note: have you noticed every second picture on image search is a cat wearing a party hat)? ImageBrief promises to do the hard work for you, while you ‘sleep/eat/work/play’, changing the way we perceive and use image libraries. Its photo catalogue only contains quality images from professional photographers’ archives, who can respond to subscribers’ briefs for specific shots.

Simon Moss, chief executive of ImageBrief asserts that it’s not crowdsourcing. “The word crowdsourcing is fast becoming a euphemism for cheap, free, or amateur. But not all platforms are created equal. ImageBrief doesn’t ask for work on spec. It taps into the deep resource of shots photographers have already taken. The buyers get fresh, on-brief shots hand picked for them by the photographers and the photographers get to monetise their existing work.”

The site seems to be gaining popularity, reporting growth of a rate of about half a million images uploaded per week globally.

All images are copyright by MONA.

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