Winner of the 2011 AGDA Poster Annual

Published:  October 21, 2011
Winner of the 2011 AGDA Poster Annual

Turkish designer, Geray Gencer, was announced as the overall winner of the 2011 AGDA Poster Annual.

The announcement was made at an exhibition, curated by Mark Gowing, at Sydney’s Gaffa Galley, which showcased all 46 finalists (as well as work from the international judging panel). Gencer wins the Poster Stone Award for his poster ‘Neşet Ertaş’, which responded to the theme ‘Inspired by Music’ by celebrating Turkish folk singer’s Neset Ertas 50th year of producing art.

A student prize, the ‘Stepping Stone Award’, was presented to Saini Copp for ‘Never Work’ which is inspired by the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks album.

The AGDA Poster Annual catalogue, designed by Gowing, is available for $30 at the Gaffa Gallery and will soon be available for $27.50 (plus postage) from the AGDA site. The exhibition continues until 31 October.

Read both of the winner’s detailed rationales below:

Winner: 'Neşet Ertaş' by Geray Gencer

Poster Stone Award
Professional Prize
Winner: ‘Neşet Ertaş’ by Geray Gencer
Rationale: Neset Ertas is a Turkish / Anatolian folk music singer, lyrics writer and a virtuoso of the traditional Anatolian instrument baglama. He is known as a halk sairi which literally means ‘folk poet’. This year is his 50th year of his art so I would like to produce a poster to celebrate it. I basically used traditional Anatolian motifs which define their historical heritage and cultural background of Anatolian style of living; Neset Ertas’s music is strongly related to these concepts. By using such Anatolian geometric motifs as elements of typography, I intend to create a poetic and rhythmic manner of telling in my poster. to listen one of his song: v=v4ZmLXrrCOo

Saini Copp for ‘Never Work’

Stepping Stone Award
Student Prize
‘Never Work’ by Saini Copp
Rationale: My own piece of detournement, this poster is inspired by the Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ album. It explores the influence that the Situationists had upon graphic artist Jamie Reid, his work, and the whole Punk movement.

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