Wired for Wonder: A boot camp for the mind

Published:  July 27, 2015
Gemma Pass

Like the muscles in our legs and stomachs, our brains can be exercised too. Recent research shows that our brains get stronger and stronger with practice, just like our abdominals if we do enough stomach crunches. While a lot of us slog it out at the gym before or after work, how many of us actively put in the time to exercise our brains? The ability for us to work better, live better and be better, depends not only on the fuel we put in our bodies and the regular physical exercise that we commit ourselves to (do you even lift?), but on our ability to expand our thinking and approach old problems in new ways.


Wired for Wonder is an innovative event series that brings together an impressive line-up of Australian and international thought-leaders to learn, connect, and explore the concept of wonder. Connecting attendees with the brightest minds with the brightest ideas, doing the most incredible things, Wired for Wonder aims to inspire business and individuals to embark on a journey of discovery and innovation. In other words, to kick butt.

Featuring world-class speakers such as Cindy Gallop (founder of Make Love Not Porn), Ben Hammersley (former the Deputy Editor of leading technology magazine, WIRED and inventor of the word ‘podcast’) and Guy Kawasaki (best known as the ‘chief evangelist’ at Apple working with Steve Jobs), the conference is set to blow your mind.

Fiona Kerr

Unlike a whole lot of business conferences, Wired for Wonder is an immersive experience that provides its attendees with the opportunity to interact with the events keynote speakers on more of a personal level; presenting not only a series of TED-like talks, but a series of interactive themed workshops and masterclass sessions including some ‘how to’ creative learning classes in collaboration with Alain de Botton’s The School of Life.

Supported by the Commonwealth bank as part of their initiative to nurture creativity, innovation and development throughout the Australian community, Wired for Wonder is the holy grail of boot camps for the mind. An absolute must for anybody who wishes to expand their understanding in the areas of business, technology, life, science, and the arts, and unleash their full, creative potential.

Jason Silva

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