Refreshed and revised: WIRED UK is transformed

Published:  July 2, 2014

A publication that is revered for its gripping contemporary content, WIRED UK recently underwent an in-house identity refresh as the August issue arrived boasting a major redesign – both online and in print. Having only been offered to the United Kingdom for little over five years, the magazine continues to evolve alongside developments in technology and communication.

Creative director at WIRED UK, Andrew Diprose, explains to It’s Nice That, “it was time to get down to the grid and template for a redesign over the whole title, on all platforms.” A complete redo required the design process to critique the current presentation of information – Is this effective? How do we make it better? The underlying layout needed reconsideration, “and only taking things back to basics would really work.”48389_001_WI7799-001_AUG14 08-14-HThowto [P].indd 08-14-PLopener [P].indd 08-14-PLgalaxy [P].indd 48389_001_WI7837-001_AUG14 08-14-HThowto [P].indd

Besides the visual format of the publication, the core structure was also altered so that the “grid runs bigger on the page, with more columns allowing for floating columns.” With changes to the composition rather than the content, “the word count is pretty much as before, but we hope to run our images bigger; the look is a little cleaner and just slightly more mature.”

08-14-HThowto [P].indd 48389_005_WI7834-003_AUG14 48389_002_WI7834-001_AUG14 48389_001_WI7819-001_AUG14 48389_001_WI7807-001_AUG14 img_0197_2

Andrew says, “it was of upmost importance to have a look that ran over all platforms – I think our iPad edition for August is up there with my favourite of all our previous editions [...] the way we’ve approached space on the tablet edition is one of the most important aspects of this redesign.”

08-14-COVERandyserkis [P].indd img_0200_2 img_0198_1 img_0189_0

Utilising the strength of reader feedback in the process of a redesign, WIRED UK responded to their “clever and design-conscious audience.” In terms of innovation, “the look of WIRED is important; when the magazine is so full of new ideas, disruption and clever thinking, it’s our DNA and it’s important to me that the design mirrors the content. I was keen that regular readers are treated to something we consider fresh and modern.”

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