Work, Buy, Consume, Die – help kickstart the Designers Republic film

Published:  May 24, 2013
Work, Buy, Consume, Die – help kickstart the Designers Republic film

Recent visitors to Australia, the Designers Republic™ (tDR™), have been instrumental in changing the established rules of design – creating some of the most iconic and recognizable logos, album covers, and graphic images of the past 25 years. Now production company LCM Digital are making a film about the legendary studio.

Work, Buy, Consume, Die is a documentary about The Designers Republic, which is said to be about “a design and cultural phenomenon” and an “observational study of TDR™ and its continued global influence over the 25 years since its conception”.

LCM Digital actually toured with Ian Anderson during his time in Australia, and some of the footage from workshops and other events held in Melbourne and Sydney are set to be included in the final film.

The production team had this to say about the studio’s global reach, and what they intend to achieve with the documentary - “tDR™ is a world-player, albeit on an “indie” scale, and has a vast network of friends, fans and collaborators. Through interviews with previous employees, industry professionals, clients from world-renowned corporations and with a local and international network of fans and aficionados, the film will reveal the myth and the reality of tDR™.”

The plan is to release the film in tracks, similar to those on an album, which can be viewed independently or as a whole film.  The Kickstarter campaign is seeking £10,000 to complete the first of these tracks, with various rewards on offer to backers, including prints, premiere tickets, and even a dinner with TDR founder Ian Anderson.

Here’s a link to the Kickstart film, where you can contribute to the production directly.

Additionally, Melbourne designers and interested parties have the opportunity to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign in a very unique way. To close out the recent Up Over Down Under™ exhibition and event series, a Wip3out competition and panel auction will be held at the No Vacancy Gallery in the QV Building, this Saturday 25th May.

The special event will feature “3 hours of Wip3out racing madness,  along with a silent auction on all panels in the exhibition.”

Visit the Facebook event page for more details.


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