You haven’t seen a supermarket redesign like this before

Published:  April 16, 2014

Rotterdam’s Studio Biege has redesigned the identity for their local supermarket, Gimsel. Designed to be a unique alternative to supermarket conglomerates, the redesign celebrates and individualises Gimsel, who has been selling natural and organic food and cosmetics for over 25 years. The project involved creation of a new logo, slogan, signage, website and art direction, in addition to sales and marketing materials. With a palette of uncoated beiges and muted earthiness, the overall redesign is one of quiet, robust quality. The identity’s utilisation of two-colour layouts around etched photography mean uncluttered catalogues, and ​simplified botanical illustrations​ relate to the products and the preference of the target consumer. While the printed identity features illustrations, the website design is replete with photographs of fresh produce and other products.

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