Young type talent celebrated at Melbourne exhibition

Published:  November 7, 2014

Based in The Hague, The Royal Academy’s Type and Media program attracts design students from all over the world. It’s a one-year intensive course where students and challenged to collaborate and delve more deeply into type design. It is a program that has come to represent some of the most exciting new type design burgeoning on the global stage.

AGDA will be hosting an exhibition of the cutting-edge work to emerge from the program, as a way to expose this generational wave of new type design crossing the world.

Richochet, by Sun Helen Isdahl Kalvenes from Norway

Curtis, by Bernd Volmer from Germany

Australians who have graduated include Dan Milne of TYPELAB, Dave Foster of FosterType, Wendy Ellerton (by way of Studio Round and Hofstede) and most recently, Troy Leinster.

Chimera, by Maria Doreuli from Russia

Brisbane, by Troy Leinster from Australia

Along with the graduates of the 2013 program, the exhibition will feature eight works from the 2014 graduates, together representing the work of some of the best emerging type designers in the world.

After a visit to Sydney earlier this year, the exhibition will open at CATC on Thursday 20th November (RSVP essential) and run until the 26th of November. Opening the Melbourne exhibition will be Australian graduate and typographer Dan Milne (2009).

Enquiries: Stephanie Brady 0417 927 935

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