100 Days of Spontaneous Kickstarter Campaign

STUDIO:  Barry Spencer Design
DESIGNER(S):  Barry Spencer

This Kickstarter campaign has been launched to produce an initial run of 100 unique gridded sketchbooks called 100 Days of Spontaneous.

For as little as $15, backers can choose from any of the 100 different grid booklets on offer, plus get their hands on the limited edition letterpress prints.

Funding supports the initial printing run of 50 copies of each unique booklet, the letterpress prints, shipping and Kickstarter’s fees.

I’m looking to create awareness and gain backers for the campaign so I can reach my funding goal of $25,000 before May 5th, so if you like what you see, please become a backer and share, blog, tweet, pin and hashtag #100daysofspontaneous to promote the campaign.

The included images show examples of the booklet prototypes, plus an example of a typeface that I created in booklet 50 called “Ono”. Hopefully giving you a better idea of what the booklets look like and what might be created.

I believe that these unique booklets will help encourage designers, artists and creators to produce wonderful work and I’d really love to share them with the world. However, I need them to know about them first.

The campaign can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/803380027/100-days-of-spontaneous-grid-pattern-sketchbooks

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