DESIGNER(S):  Andrew Gauld, Garth Jones, Andy Isaac, Rob Davies
CLIENT:  Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010

The 10FOLD team worked around the clock to bring you the art and design for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010.

The work consisting of a wide variety of print collateral including flyers, posters, program ads, web tiles etc. from various artists and events such as Deadly Funny, Comedy Zone, Primetime, The Festival Club, Oxfam Gala, Upfront, Axed (Comedy Confidential), The Great Debate, Opening Night, Jamie Kilstein, Rich Fulcher, David O’Doherty, Tim Vine, Sarah Millican, The Pajama Men, Jon Richardson, Nina Conti, Josie Long, Tim Key, Reginald D. Hunter, Phil Nichol, Russell Kane, Frisky & Mannish, Andrew Lawrence, Lin Dong Fu, Cardinal Burns, Terry Alderton, Silent Disco and Headliners… to name a few.

  • Jamie Kilstein
  • Jamie Kilstein # 2 POster Option
  • Great Debate Poster
  • Bulmers Sponsorship Poster
  • bul

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  1. Fantastic work guys. Not only in execution, but in presentation of the project.

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