2012 St Kilda Film Festival

STUDIO:  StudioBrave
CLIENT:  City of Port Phillip

StudioBrave’s campaign for Australia’s leading short film festival this year took a refreshing new direction. The creative freedom the studio has always enjoyed was extended by the City of Port Phillip Festivals team. This freedom stems from a deep level of trust built over five seasons of working together. It resulted in an abstract and unconventional take on film, celebrating the film maker visionaries, and their imagination.

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  • SKFF 2012 Prog Cov LR
  • SKFF2012 Posters on wall LR
  • SKFF 2012 A4 Letter LR
  • SKFF 2012 Tickets LR
  • SKFF 2012 Website LR
  • SKFF 2012 iphone LR

One Response

  1. Laura

    Beautiful, inspiring. Well done StudioBrave.

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