Six Years Later issue two

STUDIO:  Six Years Later Magazine
DESIGNER(S):  Laura Chong

Six Year Later is an artwork-only, independently published magazine based in Melbourne. The second issue looks at the idea of ‘surface’ in an iWorld where every surface provides wonderment to the masses and yet is still only a gateway to even more wonderment.

It’s a pretty broad theme that really challenged artists to think about what they wanted to communicate with their artwork. Some artists chose to look at the aesthetic aspects of this idea of ‘surface’ and how it could develop. This includes a more personal reflection of the surface our skin to a more global concern of the surface of our planet. Other creatives took this opportunity as a chance to take a more introspective journey to illustrate what could be beneath the surface.

Artwork featured by Juan Travieso, Jason DeMarte, Anne Smerdon, Darcey Bella Arnold, Kirsten McCrea, Kittozutto and JKB Fletcher.

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