90×55 Project

STUDIO:  Mal Webster Design
DESIGNER(S):  Mal Webster
CLIENT:  90x55 Project

Brochure design for a new research project exploring contemporary branding, stationery and business card design. The brochure was created as a promotional item to be sent to designers to encourage involvement in the project. When the brochure is folded up, it measures 90 x 55 mm, which is the standard size of a business card. This also conceptually reflects the project focus and research title, ‘90×55 Project’. When the unfolded brochure is viewed from an angle, the reverse side of the brochure forms the project branding, through the concertina, fold out structure.

  • Brochure1.jpg
  • Brochure2.jpg
  • Brochure4.jpg
  • Brochure5.jpg
  • Brochure6.jpg

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