Barangaroo Office

STUDIO:  BrandCulture Communications
DESIGNER(S):  Creative Director - Stephen Minning; Designer - Alex Baldock
CLIENT:  Barangaroo Delivery Authority

Barangaroo will return 22 hectares of former industrial use land to the people of Sydney, and will include public parks, cycle ways, a commercial and business district as well as a world-class hotel. The Barangaroo Delivery Authority’s new office in the Sydney CBD overlooks the Barangaroo site and was designed by Woods Bagot Interiors. It features reused furniture and items from the Barangaroo site.

BrandCulture created ‘a sustainable conversation’, centered on the metaphorical second life of these once disregarded items. At the office entry an introduction to the sustainable story is provided via a three-meter display panel made entirely of Re-Board, an environmentally friendly print and display product. The raised wooden viewing platform may initially go unnoticed, but the ‘sustainable’ conversation reveals the wood was once part of the working wharves that are soon to be demolished to give way to a beautiful public park. The conversation on sustainability within the office comes to life though cubes (made from Re-Board) scattered throughout the office and tags hung off chairs.

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