Adelaide Festival of Arts 2012

DESIGNER(S):  Art direction: Dom and James; Designers: Darren, Ryan, Pat, Dom & James; Final artwork and alterations: DesignLab; Illustration: Minka; Photography: Dom & James
CLIENT:  Adelaide Festival of Arts

We created a two-part identity. Firstly, a subtle and geometric icon that will sit at the core of the Festival identity. A new and timeless feature of the Adelaide Festival Brand, something to go on living for years to come? The icon itself can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Rules of dimension to not apply to art, so too for our festival icon. Two triangular cones intersect and overlap, an all seeing eye, the stage lights of our minds, the materialisation of the artists mind into the real world; you decide.

The second part of the identity is something that is there to be changed each year. It’s something to represent the current festival and nothing else. Many ideas and possible themes were brainstormed, presented and discussed. In the end though a decision was made to create something abstract and not too photographic, so that the identity didn’t compete with the visuals of the actual performances and artistic creations on the Festival program. We dusted off the old paint brushes and started experimenting. A simple set of coloured lines were created along with a customer font based on a modernisation of an existing typefaces. Items included Festival posters, sneak peek invites, program guides, show posters and a sub brand for ‘Barrio’ a musical shanty town of performance wonder for after dark.

Click on the below images to view at the correct resolution:

  • Adelaide-Fest1
  • adelaide2
  • adelaidefest_2
  • adelaide_3
  • adelaide3

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