STUDIO:  feliciaaurora
DESIGNER(S):  Felicia Eriksson
CLIENT:  Student brief (Billy Blue)

Felicia Eriksson completed a fictional branding and packaging project for Aesop as part of a student brief at Billy Blue.

Aesop/Mother is an extension of the Aesop skincare brand. A vitamin-rich fruit puree, the product promotes inner health and aids the skin health of expectant mothers throughout pregnancy. In addition to the packaging and branding of three variations (one for each trimester of pregnancy), an online community was built around Aesop/Mother, and a smartphone app was designed as a tool for women to track their progression through pregnancy.

  • Aesop:Mother_5
  • Aesop:Mother_4
  • Aesop:Mother_2
  • Aesop:Mother_1
  • Aesop:Mother_3

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