Africa Hitech ‘Out in the Streets’

STUDIO:  Sixty40
DESIGNER(S):  Mark Simpson (Director)
CLIENT:  Africa Hitech

Mark Simpson from Sixty40 directed the clip for Out In the Streets, a single from Africa Hitech’s brilliant debut LP, 93 Million Miles, that is tearing it up around the world (out now on Warp Records). Inspired by the glitchy voice sampling from the original Ini Kamoze lyric and hard hard-hitting rhythm of the song, the clip shows a dystopian future where robots are facing a serious existential crisis.

Out In The Streets integrates 3D robots seamlessly into background footage crowd-sourced globally from cities including Tokyo, Dubai, LA and Sydney, which presents the robot crisis as occurring around the world. Simpson and Sixty40 attempt to push music videos into the realms of short film by working with the artist to create a remix of the track that works as a score to the film. Meanwhile the action in the film works as a sort of dance sequence, the robots shaking to the beat as they approach the end of their warranty. It mixes themes of future-mindedness with the paradoxes of recycling and robot consciousness.

  • Sixty40_OutInTheStreets_End.jpg
  • Sixty40_OutInTheStreets_Cafe.jpg
  • Sixty40_OutInTheStreets_Tunnel_2.jpg
  • Sixty40_OutInTheStreets_Rapture.jpg

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