AGDA NSW rebrand

STUDIO:  Interbrand Australia
DESIGNER(S):  Creative director: Mike Rigby; Design director: Chris Doyle; Associate design director: Ben Miles; Senior designer: Ami Gainford; Designer: Dan Ingham; Senior motion: Mike Tosetto; Strategy: Dean Christie
CLIENT:  AGDA New South Wales

Interbrand Sydney has launched new brand and events collateral for AGDA New South Wales.

2012 is a year of great significance for AGDA NSW having received some criticism last year for a lack of purpose, vision and relevance. 2012 saw the introduction of a new president, a new council and now, a new direction. The objective was to give AGDA NSW a strong, relevant and inspiring voice. A voice that would better engage with a thriving design community.

According to Ben Miles, associate design director at Interbrand: “To signify change we repositioned the organisation locally as ‘AGDA NEW’. Working with the Council, we built the year’s calendar of events around a simple, yet poignant and engaging idea. Placing AGDA NEW at the centre of design debate we began talking to our industry, about our industry. We devised a language based campaign that is sometimes provocative, sometimes playful, sometimes profound.”

This week also saw the launch of 2012′s calendar of events in the form of Beer O’Clock – an event that in the past has had limited numbers, but saw the industry turn out in droves.
“As a council, we are all really pleased with this new vision and articulation of AGDA NSW. We are excited to launch what we feel is a really strong year of inspiring events for our members,” said AGDA NSW president Glen Barry.

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6 Responses

  1. How awesome this is – NSW leading by example:

    “Graphic designers are the new Rock Stars”.

    Thats you. And you. And you too. All of you.

    x _
    x P

  2. Mark Schroeder

    I’m confused by this. I get that NEW is a super clear signifier of change…but to build it right into the brand??? What happens in 5 years when it’s anything but new?

    And please don’t tell me NEW signifies NEW as in NSW…we’ve been called NSW for rather a long time and haven’t yet lost the primary meaning of NEW as a temporary state of being!

    Is this a rebrand, or just a campaign?

  3. This is a great start, but the proof is in the pudding.

    I hope to all hopes that AGDA listened to all those online open discussions that took place last year and act accordingly, in order to gain more support and engagement from the industry.

  4. Look forward to listening and acting on your comments.
    AGDA represents your industry, be part of it, join in/up.

  5. Designer

    Would be nice to see Interbrand Sydney come up with an idea of their own. Constantly copying from WO.

  6. Designer

    I like the new brand, but its very similar to work Wolf Olins did for the New Museum in New York, can’t find it, but there’s also an animation that Wolf Olins did that looks exactly like the ‘new’ brand video.

    Oh well…nothings that new

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