Nike Air Max 2012

STUDIO:  SouthSouthWest

In late 2011, SouthSouthWest completed its largest project to date with Nike – the visual identity and campaign for the Air Max+ 2012. Air Max is historically one of the highest selling Nike shoes, so the intensity of this project was even higher than usual.

SouthSouthWest’s contribution was mostly in the development of all graphic elements including a customised Air Max seasonal logotype which was a huge thrill to work on.

The headline treatment took cues from the advanced technology and materials used in the creation of the shoe, and its physical composition, inspired by the tendons and muscles of the foot itself.

The brand video and campaign stills were developed by vitamin pictures in Chicago who did an amazing job of bringing the SouthSouthWest’s elements to life.

Scroll down (below the video) to view the graphic elements of this project.

  • AirMax2012_PosteringNYC
  • AirMax2012_TypeDev
  • AirMax2012_Headline

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